Brochure for Diabetic Cream

DS_Cover_2This product treats “dry, cracked skin, and slow healing bumps bruises and scrapes,” conditions that develop in persons with diabetes. This brochure needed to contain clinical, scientific information directed to physicians, pharmacists and diabetic educators without overwhelming¬† potential users with photos of ugly wounds, bruises and crusty discolored feet.¬† The problem was solved by including the medical illustration and technical data that describes how the “patented formula releases oxygen into the skin to promote healing…” as well as the before and after images of broken skin on the inside of the brochure. Bullet points make technical copy less daunting and photos of smooth, healthy hands and feet show demonstrate the promise of the healing.
The product, Neoteric Advanced Healing Skin, needs no apologies. The cream is effective and affordable, with a very light, fresh fragrance.

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