A well-crafted prototype can sell a Ahhhh_0065
prospective buyer (Wal-Mart, Lowes,
Ulta) on a future product. Here are a
few product ideas that were pitched.

A small number of tubes of this pain relief cream were filled and offered on the company’s web site to test the feasibility of large-scale production. The name Aaah!  suggested relief, the vivid green was meant to convey healing and the purple background stood in contrast to the common use of light blue in packaging of pain relieving products.

Massage Oil 3frontA line of Massage Oils using an illustrative approach to the packaging. The word poem
illustrated the noisy stream of stressful thoughts that run through a person’s mind and incorporated these words into a graphic that suggests relief. The product was made from natural oils and scented with aromatic herbs and spices. The graphics play up the
organic aspects of the product, and differentiate the packaging from the
photographic approach used by many
other products.Yumi

Cherry blossoms depict an Asian-themed
trio – a Bath and Shower Gel, Massage Oil and Body Scrub. The graphics also suggest
products made from natural ingredients and the three-color labels allow the product to be
inexpensively produced and appeal to the
price-conscious consumer. Yumi was positioned an an affordable indulgence.

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