Black and White

I love the physical action of drawing – the resistance of the paper to a number 2 pencil, or the steady pulse of pilot pens. A quick sketch gives the satisfaction of completing something and of a relationship to the subject matter. I’m partial to remains of farms and barns, homesteads and remnants of mining towns. Someone’s hopes and dreams of a better life? certain riches? building a legacy for their family? Those tattered buildings speak to me and drawing them is one way to listen to their stories. I feel that, in some way, I can also talk to those builders: I appreciate your efforts and I care about your time here.

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A Lonely Place

There’s a quiet beauty in winter scenes. They’re almost monochromatic and reflect the solitude of a countryside at rest.

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Communication that Works

Poster advertising a church bazaar

Poster advertising a church bazaar

Design doesn’t always need to be cutting edge
or award winning. If the client is a bilingual, inner-city parish that is hosting a one-day festival,
a clear, easy-to-read poster is what is required.
The size is small enough to be posted on bulletin boards, in local businesses, and other parishes
or to be handed out in the neighborhood.
The message – family friendly activities, food,
and entertainment – has to be digested in a matter
of seconds, as well as the time, date and location. Radio announcements, neighborhood newspapers and social media will also broadcast the event.
We’ll see in two week’s time if the poster was effective.

The same message in Spanish

The same message in Spanish

If you are in the Globeville neighborhood over
Labor Day Weekend, stop by on Sunday for the
Holy Rosary Parish Bazaar. There will be food,
music, games for children, raffles, prizes, FREE flu shots, and an opportunity to experience the
Slovenian/Croatian/Hispanic culture in the
historic Globeville neighborhood.

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Sales Support

cube_compositeA PowerPoint presentation helped sell the concept – Cube Scents – a concentrated air freshener in a small, jewel-toned container. The idea needed exciting visuals to tell the story of a product that was perfect for modern environments – office cubicles, lockers, automobiles and closets. The presentation can be customized to a specific audience – a consumer, buyer or retail broker – and viewed in both printed or screen version. A versatile and effective support for the sales staff.

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Brochure for Diabetic Cream

DS_Cover_2This product treats “dry, cracked skin, and slow healing bumps bruises and scrapes,” conditions that develop in persons with diabetes. This brochure needed to contain clinical, scientific information directed to physicians, pharmacists and diabetic educators without overwhelming  potential users with photos of ugly wounds, bruises and crusty discolored feet.  The problem was solved by including the medical illustration and technical data that describes how the “patented formula releases oxygen into the skin to promote healing…” as well as the before and after images of broken skin on the inside of the brochure. Bullet points make technical copy less daunting and photos of smooth, healthy hands and feet show demonstrate the promise of the healing.
The product, Neoteric Advanced Healing Skin, needs no apologies. The cream is effective and affordable, with a very light, fresh fragrance.

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A well-crafted prototype can sell a Ahhhh_0065
prospective buyer (Wal-Mart, Lowes,
Ulta) on a future product. Here are a
few product ideas that were pitched.

A small number of tubes of this pain relief cream were filled and offered on the company’s web site to test the feasibility of large-scale production. The name Aaah!  suggested relief, the vivid green was meant to convey healing and the purple background stood in contrast to the common use of light blue in packaging of pain relieving products.

Massage Oil 3frontA line of Massage Oils using an illustrative approach to the packaging. The word poem
illustrated the noisy stream of stressful thoughts that run through a person’s mind and incorporated these words into a graphic that suggests relief. The product was made from natural oils and scented with aromatic herbs and spices. The graphics play up the
organic aspects of the product, and differentiate the packaging from the
photographic approach used by many
other products.Yumi

Cherry blossoms depict an Asian-themed
trio – a Bath and Shower Gel, Massage Oil and Body Scrub. The graphics also suggest
products made from natural ingredients and the three-color labels allow the product to be
inexpensively produced and appeal to the
price-conscious consumer. Yumi was positioned an an affordable indulgence.

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Refreshed and redesigned Alpha Hydrox packaging

Refreshed and redesigned Alpha Hydrox packaging

When Alpha Hydrox was introduced in 1992, the product turned the skin care category on its head (in fact, that concept was used in the printed ads). Made from natural fruit acids, Alpha Hydrox delivered what it promised –  effective, affordable, anti-aging skin care that was available in retail outlets, rather than high-priced salons. Women rejoiced. And the competition copied us. With a myriad of red-box imitators, and store-brand rip offs, the power of the brand diminished over time. But the need for effective anti-aging skin care did not. It was time to refresh the brand.

I was a member of an in-house team of eight women who were charged with the reintroduction of Alpha Hydrox. Drawing on the brand’s heritage, we kept the red box, but chose a brighter, more feminine red (Pantone 206) and incorporated the original tagline, “the one that works” in all the printed material. Although I was not responsible for the new logo, it was my package design that was chosen, which featured a “billboard” effect when products were lined up together on a shelf, and a window to feature the product itself.  Other challenges needed to be considered: the carton had to be assembled in our own plant, had to protect the product and meet a price point. The relaunch was successful – creating excitement among existing consumers and introducing the product to a new audience.

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Consumer Brochure

G_brochure_700This piece was sent to existing customers of Scott’s Liquid Gold, a Denver-based company that manufactures household products, to introduce a new product, Floor Restore, to existing customers. The brochure also featured the company’s other products, Wood Cleaner & Preservative, Wood Wash, and Dust ‘n Go cleaning cloths, to reinforce Scott’s as a respected leader in the care of wood. A coupon was included to generate an immediate response.

The introduction of Floor Restore also included free-standing coupons in Sunday newspapers and digital ads targeting people who had recently purchased hard wood floors. The combined traditional and digital approach resulted in a successful launch of Scott’s Liquid Gold’s Floor Restore.


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